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Joining our Club

Becoming a club member is so simple. Turn up to one of our classes and start training. There are no fees and no contracts. The only commitment from you is your time and a willingness to practice karate.

Remember to wear comfortable clothing and bring a drink bottle to your first lesson.

If karate is for you, sign up for an account. This will allow you to track your karate journey and receive alerts about club news and events.

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Class Location and Times

Zoom Classes

September Classes

Day Class Type Attendees
1st Zoom Class at 4pm and 7pm 6
5th Zoom Class 0
8th Normal 6
15th Normal 5
22nd Normal 4
29th Normal 7

October Classes

Day Class Type Attendees
3rd Zoom Class 0
6th Grading 7
13th Normal 6
20th Normal (Next Class)
27th Special Halloween Class

November Classes

Day Class Type Attendees
3rd Grading
7th Zoom Class 0
10th Normal
17th Normal
24th Normal

December Classes

Day Class Type Attendees
1st Grading
5th Zoom Class 0
8th Normal
15th Special Christmas Class

Ability Newsletter

Here is the current issue of the club's newsletter. All the back issues are on the Donate page.

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Winter 2021

Our YouTube Channel

Here is a link to the club's YouTube channel where you will find all kinds of karate videos.

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Latest Dojo Picture

You can see more awesome pictures in our Dojo Gallery. If you are a club member you can add your own memories.

A brother and sister wearing their new green belts and holding up there certificates of rank. Both have their orange belts over their left shoulder. The both have great big smiles.

Happiness is grading to green belt

Latest News and Events

Here are the news and events from the last 7 days and the next 14 days. You can read all our stories on the News and Events page going back to 2016.


Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse


On the 27th October we will have our Halloween class. Remember to dress up in your best Halloween costume.

Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
Is your karate strong enough to hold back the hordes of prowling zombies?
Can you defeat a zombie with a single strike?
Come to class and find out if you are a survivor or a snack.

See if you can spot the T-Rex. Find out if dinosaurs can do kata!

There will be gooey lollies and ghostly games. Can you scare Sensei?