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Our Dojo Gallery for 2023

Here are some pictures from our dojo of club members practicing their karate, achieving new grades and having lots of fun. As a club member you can add your own memories when you are logged into your account.

Mum, dad and brother and sister all wearing their new blue belts and massive smiles.

Our awesome family of blues belts

The head instructor standing in front of the stand with the club banners begins the table which is covered by the club logo and disability pride flag. On the table are the three Rainbro books ready for people to buy them.

Our Stand at Armageddon

One of our younger students taking advantage of our new sensory reset zone. Inside the blackout tent are some earmuffs, a gentle koala bear lamp and a little timer. All things to help you when things become too much.

Our new sensory reset zone

20 students, some in karate uniforms others in comfy clothing standing at the end of the dojo. There are adults and children all enjoying their karate training.

Our growing karate family

BOB next to our new Dojo Kun banner, which reads,
We pledge to
Be kind to each other 
Have a positive attitude
Be respectful to everyone 
Accept everyone's differences 
Train to the best of our ability 
Encourage each other 
So that we can strive to improve through karate.

BOB admiring our new Dojo Kun banner