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Our Dojo Gallery for 2022

Here are some pictures from our dojo of club members practicing their karate, achieving new grades and having lots of fun. As a club member you can add your own memories when you are logged into your account.

Our karate family. 16 students, mums, dads, children, and young adults. There are 9 mailed and 7 females some in karate uniforms and some in casual clothing.

End of another awesome class

Four families just finished training. Dad + daughter, dad + son, mum + daughter and another mum + daughter. All are awesome karateka.

Our karate families

Two new orange belts a dad and his son who is also an orange belt. And a little girl who is our youngest orange belt.

Grading to orange belt

Tiny female student looking very proud of new orange belt.

An awesome orange belt

A group picture of Sensei, Carter and Bob. Carter is an orange faced muppet like puppet with a blue nose and wears a hoodie. Bob is a life size punch training dummy.

The New Zoom Team

A yummy chocolate cake with the words, We are 4 written on the top in white icing.

A cake to celebrate our 4th birthday