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Our Dojo Gallery

Here are some pictures from our dojo of club members practicing their karate, achieving new grades and having lots of fun. As a club member you can add your own memories when you are logged into your account.


Group photo with our new yellow and green belt students. Lots of very happy smiling faces.

April 2024 Grading

The club's stand at Armageddon. There is the Rainbro banner to the left with the six book covers. In the middle is a television with a slideshow of dojo photos. To the right is the Kia Ora banner. The table is covered by our disability pride table cloth. On the table are the five Rainbro books and club flyers.

Armageddon 2024!


A group photo Nakamoto Hanshi's dojo. There are 14 black belt instructors. The back row is standing. The front row is sitting on chairs with Nakamoto Hanshi sitting in the middle in his black uniform. Nakamoto Hanshi has over 90 years martial arts experience.

Group photo with Nakamoto Hanshi

Mitsuhiko Gushikawa Sensei, Takuma Higashi Kyoshi Sensei (taking photo), Thanasi Michael Balaphas Sensei and Stephen Sensei, sharing insights on how we can make karate accessible to people living with disability. The sensei are holding pictures of Stephen Sensei's students.

Meeting with Mitsuhiko Gushikawa Sensei