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Our Dojo Gallery for 2021

Here are some pictures from our dojo of club members practicing their karate, achieving new grades and having lots of fun. As a club member you can add your own memories when you are logged into your account.

Chocolate Santas, bowls of chips and lollies on the counter. Two little girls in their princess party dresses eyeing the food, deciding what to have. Other students are in the background waiting their turn.

Special Christmas Class

We have a game we play in our dojo called The Ball Game if you get hit by the foam ball you have to stand in sumo stance until you are freed by someone going under your legs.

Some of the young students think Sensei  makes a better play house than an instructor.

Sensei as a play house

A brother and sister wearing their new green belts and holding up there certificates of rank. Both have their orange belts over their left shoulder. The both have great big smiles.

Happiness is grading to green belt

Group photo of karate-ka, mainly black belts, after an evening of Kobudo training with Thanasi Sensei. There are 21 people, all ages and genders in two rows. The back row is standing and the front row is kneeling. They are all holding sai (a 3 pronged weapon).

Training with Thanasi Sensei

Over 100 competitors representing 12 karate clubs around Wellington. They all waiting for the Kapiti Karate Academy tournament to start.

First KKA Champs

Instructor representing club at first New Zealand  multi-club you tournament. He is bowing before starting his kata.

Kata at Tournament.