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News and Events for the Last 7 Days

Home Training - Basic Strikes

1 April 2020

Here is the third home training video. In this video Sensei focuses on basic strikes. We see front back fist (ura uchi) in slow motion. Sensei uses these videos to find areas in his karate that need to be improved.

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Home Training - Warm up and Strikes

30 March 2020

Here is the second home training video. We run through our standard warm up routine and than we look at some strike basics. Although I am training with BOB you can train by doing your strikes in the air as we do in the line drills.

We will not be doing the warm up on very video so please refer back to this video.

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Home Training - Welcome

29 March 2020

Here is the very first home training video. Sensei shows you his little home dojo. And you get to meet his pet rats, River, Amy (her tail) and Rose.

There will be a new video every day or so. The next video will be on strikes and will include how to warm up before training.

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The Virtual Ball Game

26 March 2020

I have started developing an online version of the Ball Game. There is not much to it at the moment. But I should have the first version in about a week. Your ideas on how to make it more fun would be fantastic.

Hopefully there will be something new each day. Sometimes it might break because I have messed up in my coding.


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