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A Date For Your Karate Diary

24 July 2020

Karate has been included as a sport in the Tokyo 2020 Olymics. This is an historic event and the New Zealand Disablity Karate Association aims to be there.

Home Training - Basic Strikes

1 April 2020

Here is the third home training video. In this video Sensei focuses on basic strikes. We see front back fist (ura uchi) in slow motion. Sensei uses these videos to find areas in his karate that need to be improved.

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Home Training - Warm up and Strikes

30 March 2020

Here is the second home training video. We run through our standard warm up routine and than we look at some strike basics. Although I am training with BOB you can train by doing your strikes in the air as we do in the line drills.

We will not be doing the warm up on very video so please refer back to this video.

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Home Training - Welcome

29 March 2020

Here is the very first home training video. Sensei shows you his little home dojo. And you get to meet his pet rats, River, Amy (her tail) and Rose.

There will be a new video every day or so. The next video will be on strikes and will include how to warm up before training.

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The Virtual Ball Game

26 March 2020

I have started developing an online version of the Ball Game. There is not much to it at the moment. But I should have the first version in about a week. Your ideas on how to make it more fun would be fantastic.

Hopefully there will be something new each day. Sometimes it might break because I have messed up in my coding.


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All classes cancelled due to COVID-19

23 March 2020

I am very sorry to have to announce that we are suspending all classes until Wednesday 6th May, where we will re-assess the situation. This is from immediate effect so there is no class on Wednesday.

When the club reopens in May we will have an extra special class to celebrate Easter and the clubs birthday.

I will be posting training videos online so you can train at home and I will set up a google hangout so that we can get together. I am also working on an online version of the BALL GAME!

If you want to chat you can call or text me on 027 240 2717. I will miss you all terribly, so keep well and be kind to one another.

Update on COVID-19

20 March 2020

The person who was tested for Coronavirus COVID-19 has had their results back and they are clear.

This means that class will be back on next week. Thank you for your patience and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

New uniforms have Arrived

19 March 2020

Five new karate uniforms (gi) arrived this afternoon. We will put the badges on over the weekend. You will be able to put them on at the next class!

Class is cancelled tonight

18 March 2020

There is no class tonight a person who works with Senseis wife may have been exposed to Coronavirus COVID-19.

That person has been tested and is waiting for their results.

If the person has been infected, Sensei and his family will be tested.

The risk of infection is extremely low, but as a precaution Sensei and his family have decided to self-isolate.

This means that class tonight is cancelled.

Please make sure you are registered on the website so that Sensei can update you. If you have any problems with your registration there are instruction videos on YouTube. Alternatively contact Sensei on 027 240 2717 or by email sensei@karatedojo.nz and he will help you.

COVID-19: Club Response Plan

14 March 2020

We have just published our club response plan to the Coronavirus COVID-19 on the website. It gives details about how we will respond in the event COVID-19 arrives in our community.

It includes a link to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 web pages, which has lots of useful information.

If you have any questions please contact Sensei Steve.

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Coronavirus COVID-19

13 March 2020

We are currently working on a plan for how the club will respond to the Coronavirus COVID-19. We aim to have a first draft of the plan for you to comment on at the next class.

This is just another form of self defence and one of the main aspects of self defence is being prepared.

Halberg STEP model

26 February 2020

The New Zealand Disability Karate Association the Halberg STEP model to modify training so that everyone can take part.

STEP stands for SPACE, TASK, EQUIPMENT and PEOPLE. All of these elements of a training exercise can be modified to allow all students to join in.

The video provides more details.

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Improvement to Website Security

17 February 2020

We have just improved the security of the website by adding a login time-out to help block automated cyber attacks.

Our latest test result from Mozilla Observatory gives us 105/100 (A+). Although we are extremely happy with this score we will continue to monitor and check for any new threats as part of our continuous improvement policy.

Beach Class

16 February 2020

There will be a special beach class at Scorching Bay on Sunday 16th February starting at 10am.

There is the chance that you might get wet!

Remember to wear your togs under your Gi and to put on sunblock.

Beach Class 2

15 February 2020