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Joining our Club

Becoming a club member is so simple. Turn up to one of our classes and start training. There are no fees and no contracts. The only commitment from you is your time and a willingness to practice karate.

Remember to wear comfortable clothing and bring a drink bottle to your first lesson.

If karate is for you, sign up for an account. This will allow you to track your karate journey and receive alerts about club news and events.

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Class Location and Times

Zoom Classes

August Classes

Day Class Type Attendees
Wed 2nd Grading 29
Fri 4th Manaaki Ability Trust 11
Wed 9th Normal + Kobudo: Sai 24
Fri 11th Manaaki Ability Trust 9
Wed 16th Normal 28
Fri 18th Manaaki Ability Trust 11
Wed 23rd Normal + Kobudo: Bo 24
Fri 25th Manaaki Ability Trust 12
Wed 30th CANCELLED 0

September Classes

Day Class Type Attendees
Sun 3rd Zoom Class 0
Wed 6th Grading 26
Fri 8th Manaaki Ability Trust 10
Wed 13th Normal + Kobudo: Sai 26
Fri 15th Manaaki Ability Trust 8
Wed 20th Normal 14
Fri 22nd Manaaki Ability Trust 11
Wed 27th Normal + Kobudo: Bo 14
Fri 29th Manaaki Ability Trust (Next Class)

October Classes

Day Class Type Attendees
Sun 1st Zoom Class
Wed 4th Grading
Fri 6th Manaaki Ability Trust Grading
Wed 25th Special Halloween Class
Fri 27th Manaaki Ability Trust

November Classes

Day Class Type Attendees
Wed 1st Grading
Fri 3rd Manaaki Ability Trust Grading
Sun 5th Zoom Class
Wed 8th Normal + Kobudo: Sai
Fri 10th Manaaki Ability Trust
Wed 15th Normal
Fri 17th Manaaki Ability Trust
Wed 22nd Normal + Kobudo: Bo
Fri 24th Manaaki Ability Trust
Wed 29th Normal
Fri 31st Manaaki Ability Trust

Ability Newsletter

Here is the current issue of the club's newsletter. All the back issues are on the Donate page.

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Winter 2023

Our YouTube Channel

Here is a link to the club's YouTube channel where you will find all kinds of karate videos.

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A Picture From 2023

You can see more awesome pictures in our Dojo Gallery. If you are a club member you can add your own memories.

BOB next to our new Dojo Kun banner, which reads,
We pledge to
Be kind to each other 
Have a positive attitude
Be respectful to everyone 
Accept everyone's differences 
Train to the best of our ability 
Encourage each other 
So that we can strive to improve through karate.

BOB admiring our new Dojo Kun banner

Latest News and Events

Here are the news and events from the last 7 days and the next 14 days. You can read all our stories on the News and Events page going back to 2016.


No News or Events

Sorry there has been no news or events in the last 7 days or any up and coming events in the next 14 days.