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Our Dojo Gallery for 2020

Here are some pictures from our dojo of club members practicing their karate, achieving new grades and having lots of fun. As a club member you can add your own memories when you are logged into your account.

DSport trying karate and enjoying a beautiful view over the Wellington Harbour.

Karate overlooking Wellington Harbour

DSport club members trying out karate at the Victoria University sports hall.

DSport try karate

Sister and brother wearing their new yellow belts. Head instructor is standing beside them with a big smile on his face.

Grading to Yellow Belt

Three new yellow belts, a boy and two girls. All are wearing their new belts and holding their certificates of rank. The have big smiles on their faces.

Yellow Belts and Smiles

Five students gaining their yellow belts. There are two families. A sister, brother and dad and a mum and her daughter. They all have big smiles on their faces.

Two Families of Yellow Belts.

Our latest yellow belt student standing next to Sensei. Sensei is kneeing down and has his arm around the boy. There are smiles all round.

An Awesome Yellow Belt

There are five young students  standing in a row. There are 3 girls in the middle and two boys, one at each end of the line. The boy on the left is holding up his certificate of rank. He has just graded to yellow belt.

Grading to Yellow Belt with Friends

Instructor wearing full body armour being knocked backwards by a young female student. Her brother looks on, laughing with excitement while he waits for his turn.

Self Defence